We are incredibly proud of the work we do for our clients. This is just a selection of some of it.


Software Development

Website and on-boarding system for O'Keefe construction.

The employee management software allows customers to quickly and easily transfer all the paper-based processes you have for employee onboarding to a secure, efficient and easy to use online system.

It provides real-time access to staff data with full reporting and analytics capability allowing you to pull information out when needed.

If employees need to change their personal information, they do that right in the system and the customer receives notification by email.

The responsive design means there’s no need for a purpose built app: The screens just adapt to the device they are being used on.

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The Community Schools

Web Design and Developent

The Community Schools had a new website developed by Cyber which improved the look and performance of the site, and also addressed the need to better target new students looking for help in Maths, English and Sciences.

The site was based on WordPress and was Search Engine optimised for specific keywords. It also made use of content specific feedback forms to encourage engagement and allow The Community Schools to respond more quickly with relevant information.

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Twin Technology

Web Design and Developent

Cyber helped Twin Technology redesign their website, and achieve a compelling attractive design that is not always easy to achieve in the computer and infrastructure sector.

Built on WordPress the site uses bespoke graphics and icons to enhance the user journey through hardware, software and networking options.

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UK Energy Strategies

Web Design and Developent

Cyber was engaged to build the website for a company providing energy advice in the UK.

UK Energy Strategies look to help companies and communities engage and make effective energy decisions that reflect the UK’s regulatory, economic, environmental and cultural needs.

The site was designed to be information led, and targeted to respond well to searches relating to all forms of energy within the UK.

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Our Work 4

Rapid App and Site Prototyping

Software Development

Looking to use a more feature rich prototyping tool than simple, static images, we recently trialled Adobe's Beta Product' Experience Designer: Why do we like this product particularly? Because it's quick and simple to use, we can share a live link out to our customers and this enables them to visualise their product and interact with it before we've even started building it.

We made the job of implementing it an internal project because we needed to see how it worked for both us and our clients.

What we discovered is that by interacting with an unbuilt product, our clients can quickly start to document strengths and weaknesses so when we are drawing up a final system specification, we are all comforted to know that their requirement is based on what they have been able to identify as actual need and not just best-guess.

The rapid prototyping project was a resounding success: We're fine tuning our processes to make the initial brief-gathering a little faster and clearer but once that's done, we're rolling this out to all future projects

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our works3

Project 03

Web Design and Developent

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5 ways to help make your small business more eco-friendly

We as humans are constantly becoming more aware of our impact on the environment. Here are a few steps that your business can take to help protect the future of our planet.


1. Change up your commute

It’s no secret that one of the worst things for the environment are cars. There are multiple ways you can travel to work that will reduce pollution such as using public transport, riding a bike or simply walking. Riding a bicycle or walking to work can promote a healthy lifestyle as well as reduction to your travel expenses. Of course, the latter would be more beneficial for the environment, but not everyone lives close enough to work to be able to ride or walk there. Carpooling can also be a great way to tackle reducing CO2 emissions for employees who live further away.


2. Support other eco-friendly businesses

One of the easiest ways to act on sustainability is to speak and partner with like-minded brands. This way you can easily share ideas and collectively come up with a plan to reduce your environmental impact. You can also use the partnership to promote each other’s businesses as sustainable, thus bringing in more customers.


3. Switch to Cloud Computing

There are a number of benefits to Cloud computing for small businesses, one of which is that using the cloud can benefit the environment. There are numerous cloud-based applications such as Google Apps, Apple iCloud, Adobe's Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office 365, all of which allow you to create, share and access information from anywhere. This can potentially help your company to reduce printing, postal and travel costs, which all contribute to helping the environment.


4. Go paperless wherever possible

In an increasingly digital world, going paperless is now much easier. There are a few steps you and your business can take to reduce paper waste, such as giving your customers the option to receive paperwork (such as receipts, contracts, etc) email or post. Additionally, you could send all meeting, invoice and other office documents electronically. However, if you do need to use paper, make sure to recycle it properly.


5. Cut down on packaging waste

If your business sells and delivers a product, you’ll most likely send it in packaging. Many larger conglomerates are regularly criticised for the amount of waste included with their parcels. Your business can compete with them by offering customers very little waste, therefore finding appropriate packaging for your products is very important. You should seek eco-friendly and easily recyclable materials to use in your packaging and if possible, using a low-emissions delivery company. Although it may be more expensive in the long run, the results will speak for themselves.


Remember, ‘going green’ is not a gimmick and can involve a lot of effort when done properly. Customers are always the first to recognise authenticity, so make sure you’re making conscious efforts and take genuine steps towards helping the environment. Good luck, your customers and your planet will appreciate the effort! Don’t forget to include all the ways you are reducing your carbon footprint on your website and social media, it may help others follow your example.


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