Website and on-boarding system for O’Keefe construction. The employee management software allows customers to quickly and easily transfer all the paper-based processes you have for employee onboarding to a secure, efficient and easy to use online system. It provides real-time access to staff data with full reporting and analytics capability allowing you to pull information

The Community Schools

The Community Schools had a new website developed by Cyber which improved the look and performance of the site, and also addressed the need to better target new students looking for help in Maths, English and Sciences. The site was based on WordPress and was Search Engine optimised for specific keywords. It also made use

Twin Technology

Cyber helped Twin Technology redesign their website, and achieve a compelling attractive design that is not always easy to achieve in the computer and infrastructure sector. Built on WordPress the site uses bespoke graphics and icons to enhance the user journey through hardware, software and networking options.

UK Energy Strategies

Cyber was engaged to build the website for a company providing energy advice in the UK. UK Energy Strategies look to help companies and communities engage and make effective energy decisions that reflect the UK’s regulatory, economic, environmental and cultural needs. The site was designed to be information led, and targeted to respond well to


We worked with CertOn to build a hybrid web and mobile app project. Boyd Goulden saw an opportunity to use technology with QR Codes and smart devices to ‘Link’ a certificate or document to a property, helping Homeowners and Trades people knowing where to find the important documents, easily in one place. Cyber build a mobile