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    Bespoke employee management software allowing customers to quickly and easily transfer all the paper-based processes.

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    Consultancy, UX/UI design, development and digital campaign, rollout and full maintenance of a large recruitment platform and database including the development of mobile and management of the hosting, architecture and DR.

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Web Apps

We build web apps that save you time and money by enabling a move from laborious, paper-based processes to more efficient web-accessed systems. We centralise your data which allows you to respond faster to changes in business needs and gives visibility of the most important information from the shop floor to the board.


We believe in our software development because we’re making products that help real people do real stuff. We’re helping solve their needs, improve their communication. And most of the time we do it better and sometimes cheaper than others. We give people a new choice, a choice that enables them to break free from restrictive contracts.

Mobile Apps

Once your data is web-enabled we can take you mobile and put your business system in the hands of those who need it, when they need it. Using the very latest Xamarin development platform and associated technologies, the apps we build can be compiled for use on Android, iOS and Microsoft devices rapidly.

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5 Great Websites for Free Fonts

Typography plays an important role in design. When you start a project, one of the first things you’ll probably look for is a font that will take your project to the next level! Unfortunately, the perfect typography can’t always be found in your computers default catalogue, but not everyone can afford to pay a license for a popular paid font. Thankfully, the internet is abundant with websites offering great fonts for free:


1. Google Fonts

Google Fonts offers more that 900 different font families. The interface is very simple and easy to use. When you like a font, just click on the download button and it will be instantly downloaded to your computer.

One of the best things about Google Fonts is its versatile font preview tool.When you open a font page, you can view all the characters and styles of typography included with that font. You can also view ‘popular pairings’ to see how the font pairs with 5 other different fonts (this is a very useful tool if you’re looking for a combination of complementary fonts for a blog or a website).


2. Da Font

DaFont is another popular platform for downloading free fonts and features over 40,000 different fonts. Most of the fonts in the site only support personal use, but there are plenty of fonts that come with commercial licenses as well.

As DaFont features such an extensive selection of fonts, its category system comes in very handy. It’s found right at the top of the website and allows designers to quickly find the perfect font for a particular project. Simply click on the download button to save it offline.


3. 1001 Fonts

Don’t let the name fool you. 1001 Fonts includes more than 10,000 fonts. The site features a frequently updated collection of high-quality fonts which. Many of which are available for commercial use.

You can browse the fonts in 1001 Fonts according to font style, size, and even font weight to quickly find fonts that match your design projects. You need only click ‘download’ to save it.


4. Urban Fonts

Urban Fonts is another great place to find free fonts. The site features a more detailed page for each font that shows you all the characters of the font along with a tool to test drive the fonts before downloading. You can also browse fonts according to different themes. With Urban Fonts, you can create an account to save fonts for later.


5. Font Squirrel

Font Squirrel is another reliable source for downloading high quality free fonts. Most fonts featured in Font Squirrel come with commercial licenses. To avoid complications, the site makes it quite easier for users to check the licenses for each font before downloading them.

Font Squirrel also features a set of useful tools, including a cool Font Identifier, which helps you detect and find fonts based on images.



Remember, before downloading and using these fonts, you need to be aware of the rules. Just because it’s listed as free doesn’t mean you have ownership of the font.

Many of the free fonts available on the web come with limited licenses, which means you can only use them with personal projects. However, there are sites that offer free fonts with commercial licenses. Just be sure to check the license for each font you download before using them with your projects.


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