We are incredibly proud of the work we do for our clients. This is just a selection of some of it.


Software Development

Website and on-boarding system for O'Keefe construction.

The employee management software allows customers to quickly and easily transfer all the paper-based processes you have for employee onboarding to a secure, efficient and easy to use online system.

It provides real-time access to staff data with full reporting and analytics capability allowing you to pull information out when needed.

If employees need to change their personal information, they do that right in the system and the customer receives notification by email.

The responsive design means there’s no need for a purpose built app: The screens just adapt to the device they are being used on.

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The Community Schools

Web Design and Developent

The Community Schools had a new website developed by Cyber which improved the look and performance of the site, and also addressed the need to better target new students looking for help in Maths, English and Sciences.

The site was based on WordPress and was Search Engine optimised for specific keywords. It also made use of content specific feedback forms to encourage engagement and allow The Community Schools to respond more quickly with relevant information.

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Twin Technology

Web Design and Developent

Cyber helped Twin Technology redesign their website, and achieve a compelling attractive design that is not always easy to achieve in the computer and infrastructure sector.

Built on WordPress the site uses bespoke graphics and icons to enhance the user journey through hardware, software and networking options.

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UK Energy Strategies

Web Design and Developent

Cyber was engaged to build the website for a company providing energy advice in the UK.

UK Energy Strategies look to help companies and communities engage and make effective energy decisions that reflect the UK’s regulatory, economic, environmental and cultural needs.

The site was designed to be information led, and targeted to respond well to searches relating to all forms of energy within the UK.

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Rapid App and Site Prototyping

Software Development

Looking to use a more feature rich prototyping tool than simple, static images, we recently trialled Adobe's Beta Product' Experience Designer: Why do we like this product particularly? Because it's quick and simple to use, we can share a live link out to our customers and this enables them to visualise their product and interact with it before we've even started building it.

We made the job of implementing it an internal project because we needed to see how it worked for both us and our clients.

What we discovered is that by interacting with an unbuilt product, our clients can quickly start to document strengths and weaknesses so when we are drawing up a final system specification, we are all comforted to know that their requirement is based on what they have been able to identify as actual need and not just best-guess.

The rapid prototyping project was a resounding success: We're fine tuning our processes to make the initial brief-gathering a little faster and clearer but once that's done, we're rolling this out to all future projects

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Project 03

Web Design and Developent

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5 Project Ideas For Your Business in 2019

You already know the well-known saying ‘new year, new you’, well why not use 2019 to apply this to your business? Here are some ideas to inspire you and help your business in 2019.

  1. Create a new website

Whether you have a blog, corporate website or e-commerce store, updating your website on a regular basis has many benefits. Here’s a few reasons why updating your website or creating a new one can benefit your business:

    • It’s good for your SEO: Search engines love content and especially new content. A regularly updated website can be crawled more often and has more pages in the index.
    • You can update information that may be outdated on your website and improve the user experience.
    • Have you been using analytics? If not, why? It’s a great tool to see how your website in performing and to analyse your audience and their behaviours.
    • You could even use 2019 to revamp your whole website to make it responsive on mobiles and tablets.
  1. Get on social media

If your business is already on social media, that’s great! If not, consider that there are now over 3 billion people using social networks all across the globe and many of them use social networks to engage with their favourite brands. On social media you can engage with your customers as well as potentially reach new highly targeted customers. Unlike traditional media, social media offers two-way communication. They allow you to interact directly with customers, and likewise give them the chance to interact directly with your brand. Additionally, social media posts are a great way to drive traffic to your website! For instance, you can share content from your blog or website to your social channels. This is a great way to get readers as soon as you publish a new post. You can also use social media to promote your products or services - but it’s best to use Dave Chaffey’s 70:20:10 rule! Always remember to keep your posts entertaining and informative, that way your followers will be glad to see your new content in their feeds and will keeping you top of their minds.

  1. Have a brand refresh

Nowadays trends are constantly changing, so it can be difficult to maintain a modern image. Brand refreshes can help your business grow, adapt and keep your company at the top of your industry.

  • It will help you to reach new customers. When you focus on new aspects of your business and promote them correctly, people will take notice. Rebranding creates the potential create new growth for your business in an ever-evolving market.
  • Rebranding can be the most effective way to set your company apart from competition. Differentiating your brand shows potential clients that your services are unique—and shows customers that you’re the experts!
  • Design trends can play a major role in how potential or current customers perceive your company and what you offer. Ensuring that your look is always ‘on trend’ shows your customers that you pay attention and keeps your business relevant in your respective industry.
  • If you’ve recently expanded your products/services or set new goals for yourself, rebranding is a great way to show that your business is evolving. While it’s important to stick to your traditional services and story, updating your services and they way you promote them could help you get more business.
  1. Create a promo video

The world now is so fast paced, it can be difficult to find new, exciting and unique ways to advertise your business and products/services. Video marketing is not a new idea, but it’s certainly proving to be a powerful, effective part of marketing strategy. In fact, statistics have revealed that more than 80% customers buy a product after watching a promotional video. It may seem obvious, but in this fast-paced world, video content is preferred over written content simply because it is much quicker and easier to process. Because of the nature of video content, users feel more connected and involved with businesses thus impacting conversion rates and sales. Videos themselves are more explanatory and act as an excellent engager, marketers are leveraging them to attract more sales and even to increase brand awareness. Also, as videos are more engaging and easier to understood, visitors are likely to spend more time on your website or social media pages if they have video content. Users find it easy to consume content via videos when compared to reading blogs or articles. Video marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing as it gets the maximum return on investment due to their visual, easily consumable nature. It has been revealed by a number of statistics that on average, a user spends 88% more time on a website that has a video. They are also expected to receive better responses from customers than written content.

  1. Create an app

It has become a given that all large businesses will most likely have an app, but what about small businesses? Should they be investing in creating an app? Well if you’re hoping to attract new customers, increase sales, build your brand image, or improve your customer experience, the answer is more than likely yes. Depending on the service or product provided by your business, a mobile app could be the next logical step.

Here are a few benefits that may help you determine whether investment into a mobile app is right for you and your business:

    • Apps allow businesses to use unique features to engage with customers, such as mobile scheduling, notifications, and loyalty programs. Mobile websites, while necessary and useful, do not tend to have features that keep users coming back to interact with your brand. In contrast to websites, apps allow you to send push notifications or text messages to send reminders to prompt customers. These can include anything from appointment reminders to sales and special offers.
    • A mobile app basically opens a direct line of communication between your business and your customers, allowing you to have more personalised interactions with them.
    • They also make user engagement more efficient by reducing touch points between them and the business. Which in turn make it easier to convert users to paying customers.
    • Apps can also assist with building brand recognition and awareness by recreating your brand image. According to Inc., 80% of customers believe colour can increase brand awareness, making consistency and an easily recognizable design for your app essential.

So there we have it, lots of new ideas for you and your business in 2019. If you would like any further advice, please contact us.

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